Stan Lee, "Spider-Man!" Amazing Fantasy No. 15 (Sept. 1962)

Wednesday, September 26, 2018

CFP The Stage and the Comics Page: Graphic Adaptations of Plays, Theatrical Adaptations of Comics (9/30/18; NeMLA 3/21-24/2019)

The Stage and the Comics Page: Graphic Adaptations of Plays, Theatrical Adaptations of Comics

deadline for submissions:
September 30, 2019

full name / name of organization:
Northeast MLA 2019, March 21-24

contact email:

This panel seeks papers that explore adaptations from comics into theater, or from theater into comics. Whether comics adaptations of classic plays, or celebrated graphic narratives that get adapted for the musical stage, the interplay between the stage and the comics page is rich and multi-directional, as both are visual narratives, with very different points of access and methods of meaning-making. The ill-fated Broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark may not have much in common with a graphic novelization of Oscar Wilde’s Salome, for instance, but they share an attempt to grapple with the intersection of the two media.

The papers might focus on medium specificity in each form; changes in status of high to low culture, or broad to niche appeal; any of the aspects of each “wave” of adaptation studies as posited by Thomas Leitch; performativity, or some other theoretical framework. NeMLA 2019 will be in Washington DC, March 21-24. Learn more about NeMLA here: http://www.buffalo.edu/nemla/convention.html

Submit abstract of 300 words by September 30 here: https://www.cfplist.com/nemla/Home/S/17233


Emily Lauer, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of English
Suffolk County Community College
Islip Arts 2K, Ammerman Campus
533 College Road
Selden, NY 11784


Sunday, September 23, 2018

CFP Comics Arts Conference WonderCon (12/1/2018; Anaheim 3/29-31/2019)

Comics Arts Conference WonderCon

deadline for submissions:
December 1, 2018

full name / name of organization:
Comics Arts Conference

contact email:

The Comics Arts Conference is now accepting 100 to 200 word abstracts for papers, presentations, and panels taking a critical or historical perspective on comics (juxtaposed images in sequence) for a meeting of scholars and professionals at WonderCon, March 29-31, 2019, in Anaheim, CA. We seek proposals from a broad range of disciplinary and theoretical perspectives and welcome the participation of academic and independent scholars. We also encourage the involvement of professionals from all areas of the comics industry, including creators, editors, publishers, retailers, distributors, and journalists.

The CAC is designed to bring together comics scholars, professionals, critics, and historians to engage in discussion of the comics medium in a forum that includes the public. Proposals are due December 1, 2018. Please submit proposals to our online form at http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/BZ8XV9N. For more information, please contact Dr. Kathleen McClancy at comicsartsconference@gmail.com, or see our website at http://comicsartsconference.wp.txstate.edu.

CFP (Dis)ability and Comics: Fifth Annual Dartmouth College Conference on Illustration, Comics, and Animation (1/7/2019; 4/26/2019)

(Dis)ability and Comics: Fifth Annual Dartmouth College Conference on Illustration, Comics, and Animation

deadline for submissions:
January 7, 2019

full name / name of organization:
Dartmouth College Conference on Illustration, Comics, and Animation

contact email:

How do comics and related visual media such as illustrated books, comic strips, and animation represent disability differently from other media, and what new possibilities do they propose for thinking about or visualizing ability?

Join us for a one-day conference at Dartmouth College on Friday April 26, 2019.

Of particular interest are papers that consider comics as graphic medicine, comics and ableism, comics and neuro-divergence, autism in graphic novels and comics, disability and graphic memoir, creative titles or series by comics artists and writers who identify with or include ability-challenged perspectives, disability studies/theory approaches to contemporary comics and/or issues in comics studies, race and /or gender and sexuality and disability in comics, and comics and pictorial literacy as tools within developmental education studies.

To participate in the conference, please send a two hundred-word abstract of your talk along with a short professional bio to

Michael A. Chaney

Conference Director


Please be sure to submit your materials before January 7, 2019.

We hope to see you at Dartmouth College next April!

Saturday, September 22, 2018

IJoCA for Spring/Summer 2018

Another massive issue for the latest number of the International Journal of Comics Art. Contents list from http://ijoca.blogspot.com/2018/08/international-journal-of-comic-art-201.html. The issue includes a section on "Transnational Graphic Narratives" and a selection of open topic pieces, including a tribute to the late Tom Roberts, UConn's long-time resident comics expert.

Vol. 20, No. 1 Spring/Summer 2018

Transnational Graphic Narratives
Edited by Daniel Stein, Lukas Etter, and Michael Chaney
Transnational Graphic Narrative
A Special Symposium
Daniel Stein, Lukas Etter, Michael A. Chaney
Sound Symbolic Words in Translation
Subir Dey and Prasad Bokil
Misreading with the President: Re-reading the Covers of John Lewis's March
Michael A. Chaney
Transnational Graphic Narratives from Down Under
Astrid Boger
The Inventibility of Other Audiences: Thoughts on the Popular Ideology of Fiction in Transnational
Comic Books, on the Occasion of Captain Marvel #1
Stephan Packard
Domesticating Manga? Japanese Comics and Transnational Publishing
Casey Brienza
Kawaii Snow White and an Umbrella Called "Dornroschen": Manga Adaptations of Grimms' Fairy Tales
Franca Feil

Narratives and Identity: A Case Study on Malaysian Autobiographical Comics
Suraya Md Nasir
Transnational Banlieue Bande Dessinee in the 21st Century: An Introduction
Jocelyn Wright
Cartooning Resistance: Irony and Authentication in Zerocalcare's Kobane Calling
Johannes C. P. Schmid
Barbara Stok's Graphic Biography Vincent: A Transnational Campaign
Tobias J, Yu-Kiener
Transatlantic Exchanges and Cultural Constructs: Vertigo Comics and the British Invasion
Isabelle Licari-Guillaume
Alcatena's Malon: National Identity and Cultural Work in the American Comics Industry
Amadeo Gandolfo and Pablo Turnes
From the Post-revolutionary Mexico to the American Way of Life: Analyzing Los Superlocos by Gabriel Vargas
Laura Nallely Hernandez Nieto
Supa Strikas: Transnational Afropolitan Superheroes
Pfunzo Sidogi
Josy Ajiboye: The Reluctant Cartoonist and Social Commentaries in Postcolonial Nigeria
Ganiyu Akinloye Jimoh
Of Maus and Gen: Author Avatars in Nonfiction Comics
Moritz Fink
Political Cartoonists and Censorship in Sri Lanka
Annemari de Silva
Grendel's Mother in Fascist Italy: Beowulf in a Catholic Youth Publication
Susan Signe Morrison
"Games Are More Fun When There's No Real Point": Bizarre Sports in Comic Strips
Jeffrey O. Segrave and John A. Cosgrove
The Australian Political Cartoon - An Historiographical Overview
Richard Scully and Robert Phiddian
Reimaging South Africa's Colonial History: Jan van Riebeeck as a Vampire in the Rebirth Graphic Novel
Estelle A. Muller
Drawing (Dis)ability Panel by Panel: A Literature Review of (Dis)ability, Comics, and Graphic Narratives
Alexandra L. Berglund
Oracle of the Invisible: Rape in The Killing Joke
Christopher Maverick
The Clothes (Re)Maketh the Woman: Sartorial Empowerment in Contemporary Bolivian Comics
Marcela Murillo Lafuente
Curious His Entire Life: Remembering Tom Roberts
Charles Hatfield, Stephen R. Bissette, Brian Cremins, and Gene Kannenberg, Jr.
A Forgotten Link in the History of the Chinese Newspaper Political Cartoon: The Cartoon Album of The World of E-king Yen
Kin Wai Chu
Sobriety Blows: Whiskey, Trauma, and Coping in Netflix' "Jessica Jones"
Janis Breckenridge
The American Sense of Humor
M. Thomas Inge
Wrinkles, Furrows, and Laughter Lines: Paco Roca in Conversation at the Lakes International Comic Art Festival
Ryan Prout and Roberto Bartual
Visual and Verbal Representations in Mat Som: Lat and Multiculturalism
Thusha Rani Rajendra
Veiling and Unveiling in Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis
Julie Kaiser
The CRNI as an Antidote to the Perils of Cartooning: An Interview with Robert "Bro" Russell
John A. Lent
Ha-Flum and Other Sounds of Enjoyment: How Giongo and Gitaigo Shift from Entertainment
to Lived Experience in Insufficient Direction
Kay K. Clopton
"Will the Real Dr. Psycho Please Stand Up?" Finding the Origins of Wonder Woman's Golden Age Characters
Ruth McClelland-Nugent
Negotiating Documentation in Comics
Ofer Ashkenazi and Jakob Dittmar
Manga's Christian Other in Naoki Urasawa's 20th Century Boys and Suu Minazuki's Judas
Daniel D. Clark
The Next Generation of Comics Scholars
The Girl, the Man, and the Maus: Holocaust Narratives in Controversial Media
Lauren Elyse Chivington
615The Printed Word
John A. Lent
Book Reviews
Alisia G. Chase
Exhibition and Media Reviews
Edited by Michael Rhode
Nick Nguyen
Lim Cheng Tju
Canan Marasligil
Reminiscences [Mort Walker]